Continuous technological development

Our company uses state-of-the-art production technology to produce alloy ingots for foundries from aluminium waste, using cuttin-edge equipment and environmentally friendly methods, according to strict European and Hungarian rule systems.


Our site receives metal waste selected by types, in bales or in bulk. Waste types that can be compressed our baled by us.

Metallurgical technology

We feed the prepared waste into melting furnaces and melt it.

We monitor the energy consumption of our equipment using various meters (natural gas, electricity, oxygen) and purify the waste gas produced in the furnaces using dust abatement equipment to minimise the emission of harmful substances into the air. We set the final quality of the product in the temperature-regulated alloying furnace, by adding alloys. We then drain the furnaces via a degasifier and pour the molten aluminium into dies. Ingots are stacked by a robot.

Storage and transport

Once cooled, we store the strapped-down stacks, then ship them to aluminium foundries, which manufacture cast parts from them. We use Volvo, DOOSAN and STILL machines for material transport.